Building Big | producer, director, presenter

Building Big is a short documentary that investigates the dark side of body building. It looks at how male body builders suffer from mental health problems and even suicidal thoughts. Shot in observational style from an accessible point of view, Building Big aims to inform viewers about an underreported subject with sensitivity.


Tory Boy vs Labour Gal | producer, director

Tory Boy vs Labour Gal was the first in a political debate video series I produced and directed for Konbini UK. Designed in a “gameshow” format and aimed at a young online audience ahead of the 2017 General Election in Britain, the series aimed to inform and politically empower viewers while encouraging them to vote.

Tory Labour video series Konbini UK

Video for social media

I have worked across multiple social media platforms to produce engaging and shareable video, audio and interactive content. This includes Facebook live-streams, Instagram stories of events, and multimedia series for a digital audience.

As part of Konbini's quick-fire question video series Fast & Curious, I collaborated on producing videos and interviewing the likes of 90s girl group TLC, Irish hip-hop artist Rejjie Snow, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and the stars of BBC Three series 'People Just Do Nothing', Kurupt FM.

For other video formats for Konbini, I also produced vox pop-style videos interviewing the public about political issues.